Advised US subsidiary on VC investment in non-US parent
Negotiated transborder SaaS and systems integration agreements with MNCs for tech platform scaleup
Devised international alliance strategy and created team to serve as interim head of alliances to implement
Negotiated referral agreements for strategic partners for technology platform
Restructured parent/subsidiary structure prior to Series B round for B2B ecommerce scaleup

Scaleups: The Internal Infrastructure & The External Network

Even with venture investment, scaleups often fail because the team is ill-prepared. Global Capital helps to build the institutional infrastructure that accommodate rapid growth while also helping to establish critical external alliance networks, from technology partners to resellers to distributors. In these situations, the lawyers serve as interim general counsel to provide the legal basis for rapid growth and specialized advice for external agreements.

Recent Engagements

Representative Tasks by Financing Stage

Pre-seed Seed & Angel Series A Series B+
Focus team on POC, Lean Startup analytics Advise on commercialization To accelerate scaling, obtain strategic partners and advise on appropriate expansion Expand strategic & international presence for increased penetration & sales
Help with Pitch Decks Help recruit team Serve as interim CXOs Serve in specialized roles
Mentor founders Prepare founders for growth phase Help develop internal structure & procedures for growth phase (e.g., HR, S&M, analytics, financials, options) Monitor internal development and provide specialized assistance
Advise on seeking investors Advise on investment terms Prepare for Series B phase Enhance value for exit
Serve as interim General Counsel for corporate & team formation General Counsel primarily for “external” needs—alliances, sales, growth General Counsel (focus on agreements; coordinate specialized counsel) Serve as specialized corporate counsel reporting to in-house counsel