Recent Engagements

Disruptive Tech

  • Negotiated master service agreement and several SOWs with Google for VR content
  • Negotiated new investment and capital structure of contact center technology platform
  • Negotiated VR development agreements and “design bible” for medtech VR scaleup
  • Advised on the formation of an international venture fund for blockchain investment
  • Structured joint venture for VR and analytics companies
  • Negotiated artificial intelligence technology agreements for artificial intelligence startup
  • Restructured US operations for semantic search scaleup and managed strategic alliances
  • Structured joint venture for VR and analytics companies

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Negotiated Italian startup acquisition by US company and drafted related agreements
  • Structured and advised on cloud-based technology spinoff from technology company
  • Structured multiple spinoffs of online scaleup
  • Advised on merger of EU venture-backed company with North American alliance partner

Strategic Consulting

  • Created and managed international alliance program for cloud-based platform technology company, including negotiations with SAP
  • Designed and launched international strategic alliance program for technology company
  • Advised on structure, sponsorships, IP rights and investment in TV/web show
  • Identified potential international strategic partners for cloud-based platform company
  • Advised technology platform and consulting firm on transnational strategic alliances
  • Advised university on formation of research center and technology transfer

Art & Culture

  • Developed licensing and digitization strategy for museum and archive
  • Served as interim general counsel for newly-formed museum
  • Represented photographer in global enforcement of copyrights
  • Helped form museum-related startup and negotiated initial investments, corporate structure and distribution agreements
  • Advised on import/export requirements for conservation efforts on artworks in private collections
  • Negotiated all agreements for VR content development company
  • Advised museum on digitization and commercialization strategy and drafted and negotiated all related agreements
  • Negotiated corporate sponsorships for photographer and videographer
  • Helped restructure museum organization and introduce “Lean Startup” method for new exhibits
  • Advised private collector on commercialization strategy for large archive
  • Prepared all documents for corporate structure of gallery and for its acquisitions and sales

Venture Capital/Startups & Scaleups

  • Served as “coordinating counsel” in transnational M&A transaction with scaleups
  • Launched and obtained investment for B2B technology platform for delivery services
  • Advised on Series A funding for mobile game development startup and its expansion into AR/VR
  • Advised US subsidiary on VC investment in non-US parent
  • Advised on restructuring international medtech joint venture and drafted new agreements
  • Advised on legal issues for legal document automation platform and drafted privacy, cybersecurity and terms of use provisions
  • Negotiated software development, license and distribution agreements for data analytics company
  • Advised battery and power-storage technology company on fund-raising and US distribution
  • Advised automotive technology platform provider on VC investment
  • Drafted TOUs and privacy policies for multiple cloud-based subscription services

Interim General Counsel

  • Served as interim general counsel for VR technology & platform startup
  • Served as coordinating counsel for transnational triangular merger of venture-backed company
  • Served as interim general counsel for customer engagement technology platform company
  • Served as interim general counsel for AI startup for international expansion
  • Advised university research center on all legal matters
  • Served as general counsel for artfair company
  • Served as interim general counsel for US museum

Strategic Alliances

  • Negotiated enterprise agreement for global subscriptions to cloud-based analytic service
  • Negotiated license arrangement for online trend analysis company and multinational
  • Formed strategic alliance for EU-based scaleup with media network for use of semantic search and online analytic tools
  • Negotiated license arrangement for online trend analysis company and multinational
  • Advised on structuring multi-university technology development strategic alliances

International Expansion

  • Negotiated master service agreement and several SOWs with Big Four for data analytics company
  • Negotiated international reseller agreements for telecommunications platform
  • Negotiated referral agreements for strategic partners for technology platform
  • Negotiated Chinese publishing arrangements for mobile game development company
  • Negotiated international publishing arrangement for app developer
  • Advised on launch of US subsidiary of non-US technology development company