What We Do


  • We only do corporate work
  • We only do tech
  • We have a presence in California and Italy and work with clients in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia
  • We do project-specific work (draft and negotiate agreements) and
  • We provide strategic counsel to senior management
  • We are known for our timely availability and delivery
  • At a cost well below anyone else with our expertise
What We Do

Our Clients Tell Us

Our clients tell us that with our fast and nimble approach, and the combination of strategic and legal counsel, we provide

  • Advice that makes business sense
  • A focus on transactions, tech and international,
  • Project-based work
  • Ongoing strategic counsel
  • Fast responsiveness
  • A reasonable price

Our Cost

  • Value-based billing (lower rates for simpler tasks, higher rates for time-sensitive and critical tasks)
  • Quasi-virtual with simple offices where we can work (no marble entries and expensive and incomprehensible art)
  • No charges for the usual nonsense (lawyer meals, overtime secretarial, photocopies)
  • Everything is cloud-based
  • On-call professionals for additional expertise
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