This is just some of what we have been doing since April 1, 2008:

Digital Matters

The lawyers at Global Capital are at, if not beyond, the forefront of this area, now integrating social networking with mobile platforms with multiple languages.  These grey-haired gurus have been doing it since before the Web emerged in the 90’s.

Negotiated and drafted terms for license to deploy international news feeds across multiple digital platforms.

Negotiated and drafted terms for license to use and display sports information on multiple digital platforms.

Strategic Transactions

An acquisition.  A partnership.  With investors in Italy.  Technology created in Canada.  And markets in China and India.  No, you do not need a megafirm:  You just need good lawyers. 
Global Capital advises clients ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies on all sorts of such transactions.  In the M&A deals at least one of the parties is privately-held. 

Advised controlling shareholders of three Italian companies on terms of acquisition and liquidation of certain assets and subsidiaries under Italian law.

Drafted and negotiated terms to form partnership to launch new multi-platform content “vertical” to be managed by large media corporation.


Venture capital and private equity funds and governments around the world are now investing billions to accelerate the development and adoption of clean technology.  We advise on legal issues ranging from the equity structure, structured financing and leasing to licensing and distribution agreements. 

Advised investment bank on equity structure for solar plant investment in Europe and drafted agreements related to such structure.

Drafted and negotiated management and operating agreements for solar project.
Advised potential equity investors on cleantech licensing issues for launch of new venture in Europe.

Mobile IP

While the US develops PC-centric digital solutions, the rest of the world roars ahead with mobile rights at the very center of the deal—and we advise on these deals. 

Negotiated and drafted terms of mobile rights for license for mobile alerts, WAP sites and foreign usage rights for specialized data.

Advised on license terms for rights to develop and distribute mobile games in Asia, based on studio characters.

General Counsel

Call it outside general counsel or coordinating counsel or interim counsel, the principle is the same:  During certain stages of growth, some companies prefer outsourcing the general counsel function.  With our cost structure and flexible approach, we deliver such services at a cost well below that of general counsel and far less than competing law firms. 

Advised well-known video game artist on the formation of new company and all legal matters re:  investors, employees, independent contractors, IP protection and licensing.

Advised strategic consulting firm on corporate structure, investor equity, options and warrants, international expansion and engagement structures and forms.

Social Networking & Web 3.0

Entrepreneurs come to us for advice on launching some of the most advanced initiatives around—for example, personalization engines that have technology descriptions that have not even been seen before.  We like this.

Advised on the rights inherent in user-generated content for multi-platform distribution.

Assisted in development of corporate formation and licensing terms for personalization engine development.

Entertainment:  Going Digital

We are not entertainment lawyers, per se, but professionals who advise on the digital aspects disrupting the already chaotic entertainment world.  So, if you want someone to shop your script, well, we are not the ones.  If you want someone on your team to negotiate the digital rights for your studio to acquire that script, then we can help.  Or, to advise you on the foreign distribution disputes the legacy agreements have caused your studio.

Advised entertainment technology company on terms of proposed deals with movie and television studio and with joint venture partners.

Negotiated and drafted settlement agreement with major European media company regarding intellectual property rights violated in cross-border use.

Strategic Alliances

Call it a poor man’s merger or call it a wise way to enter a new market, but we like these engagements quite a bit.  We have done them in quite a few different countries (prior to launching this practice) and, in a mere one month, in four countries.

Advised technology company on joint venture to develop and deploy technology in a particular “vertical.”

Advised consulting firm on cross-border alliances with companies specializing in implementation.

European Law & International Alliances

We are in the process of opening an office n Milano, Italy and while we await the actions of the bureaucrats we have affiliated with lawyers there.  Thus, we provide cross-border advice—from film distribution deals to mobile rights to cleantech financing.  We are also affiliated with law firms elsewhere in the world—especially Indonesia, India and China. 

Advised French company on Italian and US film and media distribution rights and negotiated terms of settlement.

Advised Swiss company on investment in Italian companies and their related projects.

Business with China?

Chinese companies turn to us for advice entering the US and US companies seek our help going the other direction.  This is only natural, given that one of the partners in the firm has been working on Asian matters since the early 80’s. 

Advised entertainment technology company on entry into Chinese market and potential broadcast and media partners.

Advised Chinese manufacturer on risk structure of American legal system for consideration of entry into US market.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We choose to advise either private companies on acquisitions or sales of assets or equity or publicly-traded companies in their acquisitions of private companies.

Advised a medical technology company on the terms of acquisition of its principal assets by a large, publicly-traded pharmaceutical company.

Advised web strategy and development company on international formation or acquisition of subsidiary, and of independent contractor and employment issues in foreign jurisdiction.

International Brands

Intellectual Capital is most evident in international brands and we know how they can be effectively deployed and their use, internationally, monetized.  (Please note:  These examples are for engagements by our lawyers prior to the formation of the new practice)

Advised one of the best-known athletic shoe brands on intellectual capital issues in Italian and European markets.

Drafted and negotiated licensing and distribution agreements in twenty-six countries for one of the best-known set of characters in the world.

Intellectual Property Protection

Trademark searches and, in many cases, registration protect assets and capital that can be squandered on intellectual capital not actually available.  This is no longer a domestic question alone.

Conducted trademark search and registration process for brand to be developed across multiple media.

Conducted trademark search in nineteen countries for three professional service brands and advised on European, Asian and American branding strategy.

The “Virtual” World

One of the founding lawyers launched the very first virtual office in “SecondLife” for a California law firm and he knows a thing or two about that space—probably too much!

Advised company on deployment of a virtual world and IP implications.

Developed virtual world presence in multiple languages for professional services firm.

Beyond the Bleeding Edge:  Space Commerce

Just one of the areas in which clients seek our help on matters beyond the latest legal forms and templates—space commerce and, well, we haven’t gotten anything yet, though we are trying!